Linde Material Handling Product IC-Trucks

DIESEL 2.5-3.5T

The conventional deceleration and service brake of the forklift are automatically realized by the static pressure transmission system, and the safe and precise load control brings the operator a safe and easy control experience. In addition, the hydrostatic transmission system enables the truck to automatically implement parking brakes even when the engine is off.
high performance
Linde's unique hydrostatic transmission system delivers efficient power and torque output to the engine, making it easy to handle a wide range of heavy duty conditions.
The spacious and comfortable cab is the perfect application for ergonomics. The unique Linde dual pedal system and fingertip control handle combine to give the driver an excellent driving experience.
The hydrostatic transmission from Germany and its dedicated components can last up to 10,000 working hours, and the hydrostatic transmission technology during this period of use is maintenance-free.
Easy to maintain
Linde's hydrostatic transmission system eliminates components such as clutches, making power transmission more efficient and reducing maintenance costs. The various braking modes realized by the hydrostatic transmission system reduce the frequency of use of the mechanical brakes, effectively reducing the loss of parts caused by mechanical braking.