• Save management cost: no input to the maintenance is required and thus maintenance, repair and management of trucks can be saved.
  • Comprehensive services: Linde’s lease service includes all maintenance and repair services, protecting you from all troubles arising from the use of the truck.
  • Be convenent for budget control: the payment for truck charge is fixed, which is convenient for the long term budget planning.
  • Meet temporary demands: you can choose a combination of a short-term lease and a long-term one, to solve the seasonal and temporary demands.
  • Improved cash flow: to avoid a large amount of valuable circulating capital being invested in fixed assets.
  • New financing method: convenient financing channels will save your current bank credit.
  • Customization payment: flexible payment term meets lessees’ demand for cash flow.
  • Reduce equipment wear: Leasing can reduce risks caused by old equipment and ensure your advantage in technology performance.
  • Avoid residual risk: Operating lease can avoid the risk of residual value and maintain effectiveness of your assets.
  • Be convenient for equipment renewal: Leasing is convenient for equipment renewal and ensure you can always use efficient equipment.
  • Accelerated disguised depreciation: optional lease term can realize accelerated depreciation, to balance and adjust profits and taxes and gain benefits on taxation.

Short-term Rental
Do you need to deal with a seasonal peak or a temporary emergency need for forklift?
Linde’s short-term rental from 1 day to 1 year would be your best choice. With Linde’s abundant truck models all over the country, we can be at your service anytime you need.
● Meet various temporary requirements
● All services of the truck are provided during the whole lease term
● Monthly rent will be included in the cost to reduce taxes

Long-term Rental
Do you need any forklift for a medium and long term and demand for its continuous use? Or do you need a rental lease term to match your project term?

Linde can offer you 1-5-year forklift rental service, including full maintenance services for the whole lease term, so that you can focus on your business and never have to worry about the availability of the forklift.


● Rental payment in installments reduces cash flow payout
● Provide full maintenance services for the whole lease term
● Be convenient for your long-term budget planning

Financing Lease
Have you ever wished to own a forklift truck, without paying all the car price in a lump sum?Or would you like to use the fund which is enough to pay for only one forklift as a lever to finance more than one forklift trucks?
● Purchase trucks by monthly installments
● Become your assets upon the commencement of the lease term

Customized Solutions
Solutions for Food and Beverage Industry
Whether for the preparation of food and beverage or the handling of the finished food and beverage, Linde twin pedal system and joystick system can guarantee high efficiency. A customized fortified and wider fork carriage with side shift function, matching the wider load backrest and load stabilizer create greater logistics than expected for large-capacity beverage. The consistent technical characteristics of Linde always gives out its unique charm in details which shows the design concept of humanization, efficiency and safety.
Multi pallet forks to improve the efficiency of handling beverage
Panoramic sunroof, wireless camera system to improve the vision


Camera system at the fork arm carrier to improve work efficiency


Linde reverse horn control switch, safe and efficient
Linde reverse horn control switch, safe and efficient


Linde weighing system to improve work efficiency


Solutions for Cold Chain Industry
Cold chain is the secret of keeping food fresh; the efficient operation of cold chain logistics cannot be separated from the important role of forklift truck. In 1960, the first cold storage protection forklift truck was produced at Linde Lansing factory in England. The technical strength of Linde is demonstrated in forklift truck frequent in-out of cold stores. After more than 50 years of development, more Linde forklift trucks are available, cold store protection become more advanced and scientific. Linde expert solutions can easily cope with work condition at -60 degrees ultra-low temperature cold stores.

Solid all-closed cabin, Antirust paint and anti-smash protection of the whole truck

Heating system

Display waterproof protection

Unique defrost system

Waterproof protection of electrical components

Low temperature resistant hydraulic oil and parts

Solutions for Paper Industry

Material handling in paper industry is famous for its large volume, heavy duty and much dust, and the harsh working conditions are the touchstone of performance of forklift trucks. How to achieve the balance of high efficiency, safety, energy saving, consumption reduction, health and cost reduction is what all paper enterprises have been exploring. The hydrostatic system, joystick, fire extinguisher equipment, dust-proof solution and special paper transport solutions originated by Linde have been widely applied in paper industry, laying the foundation for the steady development of customer logistics and bringing real benefits to our customers.

   Linde twin pedal system 

Linde auto fire extinguishing system ensures safety

Linde Joystick makes operation easier and more efficient

The paper clamp control scheme with locking function makes handling safer

Truck able to enter containers makes container unloading more efficient

The fortified mast meets needs of harsher working conditions


While logistics tasks will always be directed by people, this new generation of robotic trucks can perform repetitive, low added value material handling tasks reliably and independently. Called “Linde Robotics” – the collaboration between people and robots allows both to work and interact together safely.
Linde Robotics also helps increase productivity and lower costs by reducing damage to goods and putting people at lower risk of physical strain by giving uncomfortable tasks to the robotic truck. Linde Robotics also improves the efficiency of material handling flows thanks to consistent timing between transfers, optimizing the management of work in progress and buffer stocks.
This new robotic solution, the most advanced available solution, provides for the first time incredible competitiveness and unique flexibility for your operations.


  1. Natural navigation system and laser navigation system can be flexible selected.
  2. Linde Robotics are equipped with smart features allowing them to operate in the same environment with people or other vehicles without any additional infrastructure.
  3. Standard mass production trucks: high-quality and proven reliability.
  4. Dual-mode operation. The operating handle can be used directly for manual operation


Linde connect fleet management system

Applicable objects: Large scale of the fleet, high cost of use, high security risk, difficult to evaluate performance, difficult to manage data, warehouse point dispersion.

Linde Connect  Solutions, based on excellent software platform and data collector hardware, helps you realize the lean connection between manager and fleet. Linde Connect  Solutions, based on logistics big data, explores operating data of fleet to provide detailed basis and correct guidance for greater logistics efficiency, guaranteed safety and cost reduction. Fleet data includes a lot of state data and operating efficiency data. By re-connection, you can obtain such data at your premise, to control the real-time logistics operation at any time.

More cost-effective

  • Identification of underused and overused forklift trucks
  • Identification of fault-prone forklifts
  • Improvement of the logistics processes
  • Increasing availability of the forklift trucks
  • Early identification and documentation of bottlenecks
  • Recognizing overcapacity and reducing or avoiding it

More transparency

  • Clear assignment of drivers and forklift trucks
  • Administration of driver's licenses, training and health checks
  • Representation of the organizational structure in fleet management
  • Detailed usage and consumption data for each forklift truck
  • Individually configurable, informative reports

Highest degree of safety

  • Rule out unauthorized use of forklift trucks
  • Limit intentional misuse and irresponsible driving
  • Recognizing and removing hazard spots in forklift truck traffic
  • Automated speed adjustment in defined zones
  • Early detection of operational limitations of the forklift truck
  • Increasing awareness of responsibility and competence
Approved Trucks

Linde certified medieval car three guarantees

1.Safety Guarantee: Standard inspection and rectification to ensure safe operation of equipment
Quality Assurance: After cleaning, painting and labeling, it is comparable to the quality of new cars.
3.Service Guarantee: With the maintenance plan, the whole car is guaranteed for 6 months.

New car standard:

Full car painting, hydraulic cylinder oil seal renewal, tubing renewal, mechanical structure refurbishment, seat and fascia plastic fittings complete, tire update or 90% good condition, chain compliance safety factor, fuse update, battery efficiency over 70% or change new set, forks meet safety factor, key switch update, complete safety warning devices (warning light, work light, direction light, buzzer)