Linde Material Handling Product Hand Pallet Trucks

Hand Pallet Truck 2.0-3.0 T

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The new generation of Linde hand pallet truck M20, which is specially designed to lift and transport the widest variety of loads in stores and warehouses. The operation is easy and convenient, and it is fast and reliable for a vast range of material and goods handling.
Providing comfortable hold and control, due to the rubber handle, the ergonomic Linde tiller safely protects the operator’s hands when working in tight spaces. The truck forks are lifted, lowered and set to neutral position by a single well-placed lever on the tiller head. Easy steering of the wheels through ±110° degrees makes the truck extremely manoeuvrable.
Body and frame
Almost any kinds of load can be carried by the strong, torsion-resistant steel construction. Lead-in/lead-out rollers under the fork tips enable pallets to be entered across the bottom deckboards.
Hydraulic system
The easy-maintenance M20 hydraulic lift unit, which is housed in a sturdy chill casting, all hydraulic components are safely protected and sealed. Hydraulic oil is contained in a non-breathing reservoir to avoid from becoming fouled. Overload protection is provided by a relief valve. The speed control valve insures reliability of the load when lowering. All important hydraulic components are readily accessible and individually replaceable. Long working life of hydraulic pump due to the construction of double sealing loop. Hydraulic oil in standard truck can work in a temperature range of -20°C ~ +40°C.
No routine maintenance at all is needed on the hydraulic unit and bearings. Lubrication bush are however provided on all bearings to accommodate extreme working conditions where the truck may be exposed to high moisture levels or is washed by high-pressure water jets.