Linde Material Handling Product Stand-on Reach Truck

Stand-on Reach Truck 1.4-1.8 t

The superbly ergonomic 45° driving position (SP concept) enables the operator to travel in either direction without strain. Full protection is provided by the contoured chassis. Traction and hydraulic functions are automatically isolated when operator steps off. Automatic speed reduction with Linde Curve Drive Control occurs when cornering. Load wheel brake gives perfect brake effect and stability.
Impressive traction and hydraulic performance is delivered by advanced, AC maintenance-free motors. Linde Rheological Steering (LRS) provides variable steering torque for efficient, effortless manoeuvring and Linde Load Control (LLC), enables simultaneous lift and travel.
A perfect, intuitive interface between operator and truck is ensured with the ergonomic 45°driving posture, padded back and neck support, a spacious, cushioned compartment and finger-tip controls.
Designed using finite element methods (FEM) and stringently tested for CE certification. Hydraulic hoses and valves are protected and electronics are fully sealed against dust and moisture ingress.
Efficiency at work, efficiency in servicing. Maintenance-free AC motors and high quality components enable 1,000 hours operation between service intervals.