Spare Parts

When you invest in an integrated materials handling system, you expect it to perform around the clock, all year round. Parts availability is crucial to this goal, and Dematic can supply the genuine, high-quality parts you need, when you need them.

Dematic ensures the availability of genuine quality spare parts through our local and global sourcing network. Our spare parts organization ensures easy ordering and timely delivery. Our friendly local teams are available to assist you and answer your technical and purchasing questions.

Each Dematic component or assembly is manufactured or sourced by Dematic to the original specification and to internationally recognized quality and safety standards. Our global purchasing network allows us to be competitive and reliable, allowing us to be your preferred supplier for all genuine OEM and 3rd party spares. To compliment this, Dematic also holds a comprehensive stock of common wear and spare parts.

Genuine OEM and 3rd Party replacement parts

Insurance spares assessment

Repair services

Comprehensive stock availability

Stock audit services  

Genuine OEM and 3rd Party replacement parts

Not only will Dematic supply all your genuine Dematic proprietary spares, our global purchasing infrastructure best positions us to fully support you with all genuine OEM 3rd party spares integrated in to your system, at a competitive price.

Insurance Spares Assessment

Not sure what you should stock? ‘Critical’ spares will have a serious impact on your system should they fail during operation, therefore by investing in these items to hold locally, you are reducing your risk of prolonged system downtime. Dematic’s spares specialists will assist in identifying which critical items you should consider holding in stock so this potential disruption can be avoided.

Repair Services

Dematic is able to provide a repair service for a number of components and assemblies installed in your system. For specific repair options, please contact your local Dematic spares team.

Comprehensive Stock Availability

Dematic holds a comprehensive stock of common wear and spare parts available which could be with you within 24hrs of ordering.

Stock Audit Services

Are you sure of your stock accuracy? Are you sure all your stock parts are serviceable? If not, you may be putting your system availability at risk. Consider involving Dematic to undertake a spare parts stock audit to ensure what you think you have in stock is on the shelf in a serviceable condition.

Field Service Operations

Dematic materials handling systems are highly reliable.

Still, investment in preventative maintenance and proactive support pays for itself by optimizing productivity, reducing running costs, and maximising equipment availability.

Field Service Support

Our field technicians have deep mechanical, electrical, and controls expertise and are available to support your maintenance activities through contract and non-contract arrangements.

Preventative and Reactive Maintenance

Preventative maintenance is fundamental in ensuring equipment availability when you need it the most. Our planned scheduled maintenance programs are tailored to support specific equipment requirements and have the flexibility to fit with your operational demands. In the event of a breakdown, the Dematic telephone support team is available 24/7 to diagnose and remotely resolve issues or to dispatch field service technicians if onsite intervention is required. (See Remote Services for more information.)

Condition-Based Monitoring

Our field technicians provide a number of specific condition based monitoring activities to ensure your maintenance activities are focused in the correct areas. These activities include vibration analysis, acoustic analysis, oil sampling, and thermography.

Modernisations & Upgrades

Dematic has performed thousands of modernizations and upgrades for both Dematic and non-Dematic installations.

Dematic is unmatched in experience and commitment to the aftermarket with customer service teams dedicated to modernisation and upgrade projects. Dematic ensures uptime, reliability, and exemplary operational performance for your automation technologies.

Obsolescence Upgrades

Critical parts becoming obsolete can be a real risk to the viability of your system. Dematic has the skills and experience to enhance your system using the latest technologies to reduce operational risk, increase efficiency, and improve reliability.

Safety System Upgrades

Worker safety is critically important to all businesses. Safety and regulatory standards are continuously updated, and your system must meet those standards. Dematic experts are available to audit your system, make a conclusive recommendation, and perform the required changes.  

System Reorganization

Your system may require updates whenever there is a change in a process, new product lines are added, or any number of other business reasons. Your operation can lose its competitive advantage if you do not identify the pinch points or bottlenecks that might restrict growth. The Dematic Modernisations and Upgrades team works with you to smooth the operations and ensure your system is properly adapted to the needs of your business.

Performance Optimization

Over time the performance of your system can deteriorate. As mechanical wear increases, the ability of the system to function reliably decreases. Errors can increase as tolerances begin to drift, reducing the productivity of your operation. Some parts are easily replaced, but optimisation efforts are more complex. Dematic works with your operational teams to identify root causes of poor system performance and implement flexible refurbishment programs to bring your systems back to their full potential.

Remote Services

Supplement your onsite team with Dematic experts and remote systems.

The Dematic team of specialists are available 24/7 to provide software and hardware support wherever you are. Telephone technical support, remote access, and skilled programmers are available to ensure your operation is running smoothly.

Telephone Technical Support

In the event of a breakdown, the Dematic telephone technical support team is available 24/7 to diagnose, remotely resolve, or dispatch Field Service Technicians if necessary.

Remote Diagnostics

Dematic can provide a remote, real-time diagnostics to minimise disruption and maximise system availability.

Remote Monitoring

The Dematic remote monitoring program takes system support up another level with predictive tools to improve system performance as part of a preventative maintenance program. Our highly skilled engineers use special diagnostic software to monitor your system remotely, identifying where proactive intervention can prevent potential disruptions.

Essential Systems Support

Extensive software support programs regularly check your database, server architecture, and software applications.

Managed Care

Business requirements are constantly changing and software updates are needed to keep pace. The Dematic managed care program performs process patches and security updates as well as cluster tests for high availability systems.

Resident Services

Resident Services is a program that provides a dedicated onsite maintenance team for immediate support of your operation. The team identifies issues before they arise and provides a clear point of responsibility.

The program can be tailored from a range of options — from a smaller team for specific processes to a larger team that takes full responsibility for all engineering services.

Your Resident Dematic Team

A Dematic Resident Services agreement can provide a cost-effective alternative to new or existing internal resources. We will select and train technicians to work as part of your team at your site. The number of people in the team, their working hours, scheduling, and areas of specialisation can be tailored to your specific maintenance and engineering needs. A Dematic resident team can support spare parts supply and management and provide full technical backup including hotline, IT, and third party support.

Protect Your Investment

A Dematic Resident Services agreement is the most effective way to protect your investment. The cost of onsite support is considerably less than the cost of unscheduled repairs and downtime, and much more effective than even the best on-call service plans. 

Service Level Agreements with KPIs

Dematic takes full responsibility for providing planned, corrective, or reactive maintenance, in addition to troubleshooting and technical support on a day-to-day basis. Maintenance costs — including labour, downtime, and parts — can be tracked, measured, and reported against efficiency goals and productivity targets. 

Key Benefits

All engineering roles provided including material flow control

Recruitment, training, administration, and infrastructure

Spare part supply and management

Hotline, IT and third party support

System availability guaranteed by Dematic