Linde Material Handling Product IC-Trucks

DIESEL 5.0 - 8.0 T

IMPRESSIVE OPERATING PERFORMANCE – MINIMAL MAINTENANCE BREAKS Safe handling and high handling performance – with the H50 – H80 IC trucks, the two go hand in hand. These robust trucks are ideally suited to heavy-duty applications with large loads. The protective driver's roof and frame form a single compact unit to ensure greater safety, while the slim profile of the lift mast improves the driver's vision. Powerful engines, the hydrostatic direct drive, and the Linde Load Control lift mast control system all guarantee high operational performance. Plus, the hydrostatic drive operates without a transmission, clutch, differential or drum brakes – reducing servicing time and further increasing handling capacity.
With loads weighing up to 8,000kg, safety takes first priority. The Linde Torsion Support proves very advantageous when swaying loads and dynamic forces have to be contended with. Up to 30% less mast distortion can be realized. An enormous advantage, even on higher lift heights.
A truck designed to take care of the really tough tasks.Advanced engine and drive technology combined with the original Linde Load Control enables the operator to use the truck’s vast potential to maximize productivity. Comfortable and precise fingertip control of all mast functions.
Man and machine are perfectly interfaced on these high-capacity forklifts. Designed to the most advanced ergonomic standards. An increased driver’s cab with automobile-class ambience, comfortable seats with adjustable armrest up to pneumatic suspension: basics to fast, stress-free working.
50 years of permanent optimization of the original Linde hydraulic system are combined with a robust industrial diesel engine with 85 kW output. The result is absolute reliability. The power unit with two maintenance-free displacement pumps for driving and lifting is designed for rugged applications. But more than that, it even makes working easier. The 3-way decoupling of the driver’s cab, chassis and engine reliably reduces oscillation and vibration.
Effective and cost efficient at work: The original Linde hydrostatic drive cost does away with gearshift, clutch, differential and drum brakes. As a result, servicing costs are low, truck uptime is high and productivity is enhanced.