Linde Material Handling Product IC-Trucks

DIESEL 10 – 18 T

HANDLE HEAVY LOADS PRECISELY AND SWIFTLY The H100 – H180 D IC trucks can transport even the heaviest of loads precisely, swiftly, and cost-effectively, securing a competitive advantage in terms of handling performance. All this is made possible by Linde's hydrostatic drive, which allows heavy trucks to be moved with millimeter precision. The driver can quickly and smoothly shift between backward and forward movement, while modern diesel engines guarantee high torque and low fuel consumption.
Excellent all round visibility is achieved by the overall design of the new HT100Ds-HT180Ds. By positioning the cab, seat and steering in a centralized position Linde ensures a superb through mast visibility.
A highlight of this series is the lifting “Power on Demand” capability which balances engine speed to the truck application, this reduces fuel and consequently service costs.
Fully adjustable seating allows the driver to set his individual seating position, whilst a range of options ensures that the cab can be tailored to individual customer requirements.
Powerful acceleration and precise load handling are provided at all times thereby assuring optimal levels of productivity. Electronic inching offers a “creep function” which makes it easier to position loads with high levels of accuracy.
The new Linde range of heavy forklift trucks are equipped with quality, well-known, robust and reliable Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) components which have been thoroughly tested in material handling and heavy duty applications to ensure a long operational life.