Linde Material Handling Product Pallet Stackers

Straddle Electric Pallet Stacker 1.4-1.6t

THE SPECIALIST FOR NARROW AISLE AND BLOCK STACKING APPLICATIONS The electro straddle stackers L10 - L12 AS quickly and flexibly lift pallets with closed bases and various type of small containers, even if used in narrow aisles. For this purpose, the trucks have a small turning radius. The spacing of their straddle legs can be flexibly adjusted. L10 AS and L12 AS accelerate freely with a three-phase motor. A SafetySpeed function automatically adjusts the speed to the tilting angle of the tiller.
Three-way braking system: automatic braking by LBC on releasing travel control switch; Electromechanical braking when tiller is moved fully up; Electronic braking by reversing travel control switch.Emergency stop button interrupts all electric circuits and actuates electromechanical brake.
The Linde OptiLift® control provides true proportional lifting and lowering. The 800 mm width of the chassis allows the stacker to work easily in narrow aisle.
All controls can be operated with either hand without ever having to let go of the tiller. Tandem load wheel is particularly advantageous for loading freight trucks or trailers and running on uneven floors.
These rugged trucks incorporate tried and tested technology and components to ensure consistent reliability. They have already proved their ability to deliver faster, safer load handling over an extended working life in the toughest industrial environments.
Linde Pallet Stackers are designed to reduce maintenance costs and deliver the highest levels of productivity over many years. Fast, easy access to all components and electronics sealed in aluminium housings isolating them from road shocks, dust and humidity all play a part in ensuring maximum operational uptime ratios.