Linde Material Handling Product Order Pickers


QUICK AND ENERGY-EFFICIENT PICKING USING TWO PALLETS Linde Material Handling's N20 and N20 – 24HP low-lift order pickers not only speed up picking working processes, they also reduce physical strain for the driver. It's all in the design: The batteries are located in the middle of the truck between the driver's cab and the forks. Terminal holders and compartments for working materials offer the driver a control unit well-suited to all order picking processes. This also allows the distance between the driver's cab, the shelf, the two pallets on the truck, and the control panel to be reduced. Plus, the truck accelerates very quickly thanks to its 3 kW three-phase motor. Among the features ensuring enhanced safety are the compact steering controls featuring hand protection and automatic speed adjustment around bends. Made from high quality steel, the robust chassis ensures a long service life, and the low-lift order pickers boast a lifting capacity of 2000 to 2400 kilograms. Lithium-ion batteries are also optionally available.
Compact design of the Linde control handlebar ensures that the operator remains well within the truck contours while driving. Ergonomic design of the twin grips enclosed by a hand guard and a 4 mm thick steel front shield assure excellent safety for the operator.
Powered by an AC motor of 3kW output, the N20 remains steady, accelerates rapidly and safely to top speed of 10km/h loaded and 12 km/h unloaded.
High level of operation comfortable ensures efficient and precise working performance. The adjustable backrest and handlebar (optional), added to the full-suspension platform surfaced with a cushioning non-skid mat provide superior comfort. Well equipped & designed, the unique truck architecture leads to an efficient picking.
The robust chassis of high-grade steel construction contributes to increase the life time of the truck as well as improved performance on the job. Sturdy forks, up to 2800mm long, are capable of carrying four roll cages at a time as the task demands.
Efficiency at work, efficiency at the cost level. CAN-Bus connection enables all truck data to be read out for inspection when servicing becomes due at intervals of 1,000 operating hours. Easy accessibility of all components and the maintenance free AC technology employed play an additional part in keeping truck uptime up.