Linde Material Handling Product Order Pickers


ORDER PICKING SOLUTIONS FOR FIRST AND SECOND LEVEL SHELVING The V08 low-lift order picker with lifting driver platform is available in two basic versions: either with prongs attached directly to the platform for accessible load pick-up, or with an additional lift for a height-adjustable loading surface. There are a wide range of modules and equipment elements that can be individually configured to suit the application at hand. This allows the truck to always offer ergonomic working conditions and ensure high handling rates in the lower shelving levels, thanks, for example, to shortened prongs for the truck version with walk-on loading area. This allows for a smaller turning radius for halls with limited space. Moreover, the operator benefits from the positioning of the control platform in front of the battery, which reduces physical strain and increases picking frequency. Depending on the version, they boast a lifting capacity of 700 to 1000 kilograms.
At the edge of the platform the operator has a perfect grip thanks to a slightly inclined edge for a safe pick. While lifting/lowering the supplementary lift on the V08, both hands are requested for further safety. At no time operator’s body exposed beyond the contours of the truck.
V08 models are designed to optimize frequent 1st and 2nd level order picking. Two designs with direct access to the pallet are available to put down picked items regardless of the height of the platform. The OptiLift proportional control rises and lowers platform for accurate picking. Lowering of platform can also be controlled by an easy to use foot switch.
Low 135 mm step-in height and wide 431 mm entry allows easy and frequent access to the order pickers. On the V08 “Walk out” version, forks are welded to the platform giving the operator a wider direct same-level access. For more comfort, the damped mat is acting as a deadman sensor. While lowering, soft landing of the platform brings further control of the preparation and comfort to the operator.
Linde offers 2 versions of order pickers for frequent 1st and 2nd picking level to provide the optimum solution for individual organisation. The central drive wheel guarantees traction as well as straight drive down the aisle and a perfect braking. The V08 „Supplementary lift“ is fitted with robust and adjustable ISO forks for various applications.
Speed and economy continue over into truck diagnosis and preventive maintenance. The digital multifunction instrument display ensures the operator is always well informed. CAN-bus connectivity enables all truck data to be transmitted to a laptop by the service technician. Easy accessibility of all components and maintenance-free AC technology also play an important role in maximising truck uptime.