Linde Material Handling Product Order Pickers


PICK ORDERS EFFICIENTLY AT ANY HEIGHT The V vertical order pickers from Linde Material Handling offer the operator an ergonomic working area and intuitive operation. In addition, the vibration-cushioned cabs, low entry height, and low railing aim to prevent fatigue and make picking easier. The high lifting and travel speeds also ensure a high picking output. Linde adjusts the truck to the customer's individual picking tasks on the basis of a modular system. The vertical order pickers reach picking heights of up to twelve meters. Depending on the model, they boast a lifting capacity of up to 1200 kilograms.
The V range truck guarantee the operator‘s safety via its outstanding visibility. The low cab step height increases safety, while the 2 hand operation at the control panel. The LSC monitors driving, lifting and steering movements and reduces them automatically.
High performance describe the V range order picker. Picking height is up to 12000 mm. Three different driving- and lifting systems can match the application precisely. The tilting barriers allow operator gets closer to the rack for deep pickings.
Antivibration mat offers comfortable working. The wide variety of storage compartments and options can be equipped to every kind of application. No matter lifting or lowering, the V range truck always stops the cabin gently during the stroke process.
Thanks to easy maintenance, downtime is reduced and throughput is increased. The active cooling system ensures the highest availability even in extreme conditions.
The unique modular system of the V-modular ensures that each truck can be tailored to match the application precisely. The latest ergonomic standards allows the operator to maximize throughput.