Linde Material Handling Product Very Narrow Aisle Trucks


WORK EFFECTIVELY AND WITH A VIEW IN THE HIGH SHELVING The Linde K man-up turret truck enables high turnaround capacity for order picking and handling processes in high-shelving warehouses. The powerful drive trains make this possible: The truck can move and lift at the same time. Also, even at high lift levels the speed remains high and a high level of residual lift capacity is available. Various assistance systems are available that help to navigate accurately through warehouse or to avoid obstacles. Not least, Linde System Control improves the process: Dependent upon the version, the system adjusts lift and travel speed according to the weight being transported. There are various versions or the mast, chassis, battery and cab for the very narrow aisle trucks that can be combined according to usage requirements.
The K truck offers various systems to offer safe operation for the operator as well as its environment. The personal safety system prevents damage inside the aisle, while the innovative rescue alarm detects unusual operators behavior and attracts attention in emergency cases.
Strong motors enable high lift- and driving-speeds, while the ergonomic control panel enables quick load handling with minimal hand movement. Assisting systems like LSC or the Aisle safety assist support the operator for maximum throughput in safe operation.
With the K trucks superb cabin layout the operator feels immediately at ease and acclimatised .With generous space for freedom of movement ,the cab offers a comfortable operational environment for fatigue-free working and promotes optimum efficiency and productivity.
These ruggedly constructed, high quality trucks combine with advanced technology and Linde’s vast experience in very narrow aisle applications to ensure optimum reliability and durability.
Integrated diagnostic CAN bus technology minimises maintenance intervals. Easy access to all service relevant components enable quick maintenance and low downtimes. The new oil tank is designed for quick access and short maintenance, as well as for optimized foaming behavior.