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EFFECTIVE LOAD HANDLING FOR LOW LIFT HEIGHTS The Linde Material Handling L-MATIC pallet stacker is suitable for storage or removals at low level. It tackles loads of up to 1,200 kg and lift heights up to 1.9 meters. Thanks to infrastructure free geo-navigation, the L-MATIC can be used flexibly as an individual truck or as part of an automated fleet. When operating in this manner, the robotic forklift is able to integrate safely and efficiently with people, non-automated trucks or the customer’s infrastructure, such as belt conveyors or packing stations. Furthermore, manual operation is possible at any time, used to, for example, move the equipment away from a dangerous zone quickly in the event of an emergency, or to use the truck to carry out another short-term task.
Thanks to its smart safety management, the L-MATIC anticipates and reacts autonomously to its direct environment. Advanced obstacles’ detection provides real time speed adjustment to enhance the productivity while offering the utmost safety.
The unique infrastructure-free geoguidance system makes the solution flexible and scalable. Stand alone or within larger fleets of robotic trucks, the L-MATIC can easily interact with the customer’s environment (doors, conveyors..) and even interface with WMS/ERP. The L-MATIC will always deliver the optimal drive speed to achieve the maximum throughput.
The L-MATIC is natively designed to work in a shared environment with people. The user-friendly interface provides all needed controls & information at a glance. Moreover, the dual driving mode makes the L-MATIC intuitive to switch automatic/manual.
Fully integrated in the warehouse product range, the L-MATIC benefits from all Linde quality standards, and the robust navigation technology. Always available, the L-MATIC will support your business 24/7 while offering significant costs-savings.
Efficiency at work, efficiency in servicing. With a computerized & remote diagnostic system, combined with predictive maintenance program, the L-MATIC remains available at any time.